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 Gas-surface interaction: Theory, Experiments and Applications - Irina Graur Martin / 1 day: Tue. 26 Sept.

Information about the lecturer

The courses are being taught by Irina Graur Martin, who has over 20 years experience modeling, simulations and experiments related to the gas-surface interaction. She is currently professor at Aix Marseille University in France. She has made a number of contributions in the field of rarefied gases for the aerospace research.

Her current research interests include the experimental and numerical characterization of the gas-surface interaction at micro and nano scales.  She heads the research group "Non-equilibrium phenomena and microfluidic" in the IUSTI CNRS UMR 7343 Laboratory in France.

She participated in the organization of a number of international conferences, workshops and summer schools. She provided the short courses during IVC-19 (2013) in Paris, France and IVC-20 (2016) Bussan South Korea. She has co-authored more than one hundred journal articles and conference papers. She has been Guest Editor for a series of Special issues on Microfluidics appeared in the following journals: Journal Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science and Interfacial Phenomena and Heat Transfer.


Aims and motivations

The course is addressed to scientists, engineers, technicians, and students, who would like a detailed understanding of the particularities of the modeling, simulation and experiments on the gas-surface (solid and liquid) interaction. This short course targets at basic research training in gas-surface interaction and provides a coherent and rigorous introduction into this field including relevant theoretical and experimental methods for practical applications.

Structure of the course

The course duration is 6 hours. It consists of three parts: 

  • “Fundamentals of rarefied gas theory”, 2 hours
  • “Gas solid surface interaction”, 2 hours
  • “Interface gas liquid”, 2 hours


Fundamentals of rarefied gas theory

Molecular free path, gas rarefaction and flow regimes. Velocity distribution function. Intermolecular interaction and kinetic equations. Gas-surface interaction. Accommodation and sticking coefficients. Analytical solutions in the free-molecular limit. Slip and jump boundary conditions with the Navier-Stokes equations.

Gas solid surface interaction

Accommodation and adsorption phenomena. Models: overview of different models. Kinetic approach for the modelling of the gas-solid surface interaction. Experimental characterization of the gas-surface interaction. The relations between the theoretical and experimental approaches. Experimental data analysis. Review of main experimental results.

Interface gas liquid

Evaporation and condensation phenomena. Modelling of evaporation-condensation: overview of the models, implementation of the kinetic approach, Navier-Stokes simulations with the jump and slip conditions on the interface. Experimental data on evaporation-condensation coefficients: measurements, data analysis and using.

Didactic material

Printed (and/or electronic) copy of all slides 

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