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 ECASIA Student Travel Grant

Congratulations for the winners of
"ECASIA Student Travel grants"!



Mr. Cherif Aghiles Ould Hamou:
#108: Decomposition Mechanism of Lignin Models on Pt(111) : Combining Single Crystal Experiments and First Principle Calculations.
University of Ottawa - Ottawa (CA)


Mrs. Marit Kjærvik:
#018: Characterisation of biofilms with near-ambient pressure XPS.
The Technical University of Berlin -Berlin (DE)



Mr. Sven Pletincx:
#119: The effect of water on chemical interactions at the interface of ultrathin polymeric films and aluminum oxide: an in situ characterization.
Department of Materials and Chemistry, Research Group Electrochemical and Surface Engineering (SURF), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (BE)




The scheme is designed to help excellent postgraduate research students (PhD) to attend ECASIA conferences at which they are presenting an oral contribution. The leading motive is supporting students reporting excellent work and do not have sufficient funding to attend the conference.

The contribution consists in 3 grants of €500.

This grant cannot be transferred to another person.


The PhD Student must

  • present an oral to the conference (abstract submitted as an oral during the call for papers),
  • be awarded of the 1st degree within 7 years of the start date of the ECASIA conference (i.e. not earlier than 2010),
  • be 30 years old maximum,
  • be the only one supported from his/her laboratory.


  1. During the Call for papers , the Student must check the box for “Student Travel Grant application” on the abstract submission form.
  2. Applicants must send the Application file, to the Conference Secretary, 30 days before the regular abstract submission deadline 31st March 2017 (extended deadline).
  3. The Local Organization Committee (LOC) will review the Application file in order to ensure the scientific quality of the abstracts. The 6 best applications will be transmitted to the International Steering Committee (ISC).
  4. The ISC will identify 3 of the preselected applicants who will receive the ECASIA travel grant.
  5. The ECASIA Student Travel Grant 3 winners will be announced on the conference website by June 06th, 2017. Individual official offer will also be sent be mail.
  6. The Applicant must send to the Conference Secretary a confirmation of his/her attendance before June 12th, 2017 to validate the offer.
  7. The grant can be collected at the registration desk on site where the winner will be asked to sign a receipt and prove identity.

Application file

All these documents must be understandable by the Reviewing Committees so they must be translated in English.

  •  The scanned Application forms (download here) completed and (hand written) signed by the student,
  •  The scanned Enrollment Statement (word template here),on official headed notepaper, completed by the PhD supervisor (hand written signature) who will confirm that the student is enrolled in a research degree course,
  •  The abstract of the planned oral conference contribution, respecting the Submission guideline given on the website,
  •  A copy of the Degree Certificate,
  •  A photographic identity with date of birth such as a passport.





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