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 SFV “Michel Cantarel” student grant

To encourage young researchers' works, French Vacuum Society (SFV) will reward 5 PhD students attending ECASIA 2017 in Montpellier. The 'Michel CANTAREL' Grants consists on Certificates (Diploma) & Cash prizes of € 300 for each student.

Congratulations for the winners of
SFV "Michel Cantarel" student grants!


Mr. Abdoul Mouize Zakaria:
#232: Interface segregation in Pd/Au core/shell nanoparticles probed by SFG.
ISMO - CNRS - Univ Paris Saclay - Orsay (FR)


Mr. Jorge Bañuls Ciscar:
#272: A study of the interface between polymeric methylene diphenyl diisocyanate and metal surfaces by tof-sims and mva.
University of Surrey - Guildford (GB)

Mrs. Bianca Provost:
#259: Towards an atomistic understanding of acid corrosion inhibition of steel:
DFT study of inhibitor subunit adsorption on Fe{110}.
University of Cambridge - Cambridge (GB)

Mr. Roberto Gonzalez-Gomez:
#225: Development of photosensitizer@nanoparticles as novel catalyst for water splitting:
Experimental and theoretical characterization of the surface composition.
LCC/LPCNO-UPS - Toulouse (FR)


Mr. Cherif Aghiles Ould Hamou
#108: Decomposition Mechanism of Lignin Models on Pt(111) : Combining Single Crystal Experiments and First Principle Calculations.
University of Ottawa - Ottawa (CA)



To be eligible for the “Michel Cantarel” Student Grant, the Applicant must:

  • be registered as a graduate student
  • present an oral or poster contribution (see Application section)
  • pay the registration fees
  • be present during the Closing ceremony


To compete to the "Michel Cantarel” Student Grants, PhD students have to check "yes" in the Abstract submission form (section: SFV “Michel Cantarel” Student grant) and must send by email to the Conference Secretary before 31st March 2017 (extended deadline):

  • One short-CV (3 pages maximum) including:
    • Date of birth
    • Date of thesis beginning and tentative date of PhD discussion
    • Name of the PhD supervisor(s)
    • School, University curriculum
    • Career path (if needed)
    • Abstract of the PhD work
    • List of publications and communications (oral, poster)
  • Support letter from the PhD supervisor(s)
  • Copy of the 2017 student card


The documents listed above must be received by March 31st (extended deadline) by email to the Conference Secretary. The support letter must be sent by email by the supervisor.

The SFV “Michel Cantarel” Student Grant' Committee will proceed in 3 steps:

  • On 12th May, a first selection: 8 finalists will be chosen based on the scientific and the originality of the work.
  • The Final selection will proceed during the conference: The Committee will attend the selected presentations (during oral and poster sessions) in order to decide for the best works.
  • The Granted PhD students will be rewarded during the Closing ceremony at the end of the conference.





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